-100% of all college graduates in India speak English

-1 out of 8 couples married in 2005 met online

-More than 70% U.S. 4 year olds have used a computer

-More than 50% of U.S. 21 year-olds have created content on the web

-The first commercial test message was sent in 1992...the number today exceeds the planet’s population

-There were more than 2.7 billion searches performed on Google…this month

-In 2010 China will be the number one English speaking country


At DPHS we are trying to create awareness of the future global challenges confronting our students. Students at DPHS are competing with human resources globally for thoughtful ideas and productivity. The links below provide an overview of globalization.


}  Globalization is the manner in which human activities, such as communication, international trade, and cultural awareness, are increasingly integrated on a multinational basis.

}  Students at DPHS are competing with human resources globally for thoughtful ideas and productivity


To better understand globalization go to our wiki page and watch “Shift Happens.” After watching the video you can post comments and questions on the site. Go to to get started.


Check out the other globalization web sites:

Thomas Friedman, The Other Side of Outsourcing: NPR

This is an interview on from the NPR radio show Fresh Air where New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman discusses jobs that are being outsourced to India.  It is a discussion about the global economy and how technology has allowed work to be outsourced throughout the world.

Where We Stand:  America's Schools in the 21st Century

This is a three part series of videos that present the topic of globalization and how it affects students in the United States, and how those students compare with students in other education systems around the world.  It provides some incite about the changing direction of education and student development.

21st Century Educational Reality

This video on YouTube offers insight on the gap between the U.S. student and the rest of the world.